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Plastics have become an essential part of our lifestyle. However, before they reach the end consumer, they still have to go through several paramount production steps. Here At FusionPlast India, we take care of all those steps by providing the best products with best quality.

FusionPlast India is the subsidiary of Arihant Reclamation company which was founded in 1998 and deals in cleansing and recycling of Petroleum products. FusionPlast is a young startup which deals in trading of polymers and it’s essential products.

Striving for Excellence

In Fusionplast, Work doesn't stop at delivery of the services.
We will
1. Upgrade Processes
2. Upgrade Still Sets Of Our Workforce
3. Upgrade Our Capabilities

Technology Adaptability

We must believe in adapting quickly to the changing environment and see every change and challenge as an opportunity to set us apart and distinguish ourselves. We are very much quick to adapt technology changes to manage difficult environment, meeting different requirements of the clients and rise to the occasion.

Customer Focus

We are gaining essential competitive merits through our client focus processes. Our processes are systematically aligned with the clients expectations and company wide business goals. Our success rate in Client gaining is more than 90%.


Automotive Applications

Fusionplast offers different colors and additive solutions for the Automotive Applications which also includes outdoor durable colours, performance additives and other masterbatches for the segment.

Building & Construction

Fusionplast offers different colours and additive solutions for building and construction appliances such as plumbing, electric fittings, and other critical applications.

Household & Consumer Durable

Fusionplast offers different colors and additive solutions for the household & consumer durable applications. The application includes food contact containers, white goods and brown goods applications.

Agricultural Applications

This comprises performance masterbatches developed for plasticulture.

Electric Industry

In the ever changing electronics market, designers requires development partners to address new design challenges as they arise.

Packaging & Cosmetic Industry

We have extensive resources for utilize by industrial and consumer product manufacturers to develop reliable, innovative that will give an edge to your products.

Pharmaceutical & Medical Industry

Fusionplast does this through maintaining a known bio-compatible database that tracks the regulatory performance of additives and colourants.

Our Company


“Nothing works better than just improving your product”. With the best manufacturers of every polymer product, with there state of the art facilities, we provide you with your desired product with utmost quality assurance at a very competitive price range.

With this moto of maintaining the best quality, our family of customers is growing day by day.

From Client's Desk

As many times, I have ordered anything from Fusionplast, I got every delivery on time and that too with the good quality.
Naresh Aggarwal
We were impressed with the specialist and dedication of Fusionplast entire business organisation from shop floor to the managing team.
S.K. Bansal
The one thing which strikes about you are people centric. Understood what we needed and delivered the best results.
Ajay Yadav

Product Spectrum

Masterbatch is the added substance. It comes in Black, White and tones. These diverse shading added substances are joined to make the ideal tone.

Additives are chemicals added to the base polymer to improve processability, prolong the life span, and/or achieve the desired physical or chemical properties in the final product.

A solvent dye is a dye soluble in organic solvents. It is usually used as a solution in an organic solvent.

Pigment Powder is coloured powder that is used to produce a full range of colours. It is an inert colorant which has no binding power.


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