Acid Dyes

Fusionplast is a Leading Acid colors Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporters in Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia. Corrosive colors are water dissolvable anionic colors that are applied to filaments, for example, silk, fleece, nylon and adjusted acrylic strands from impartial to corrosive color showers. Connection to the fiber is credited, at any rate part of the way, to salt development between anionic gatherings in the colors and cationic gatherings in the fiber. Water soluable Acid colors are not meaningful to cellulosic strands. Corrosive colors are utilized both monetarily and by the studio dyer to color protein/creature strands, for example, fleece, silk, mohair, angora, alpaca and a few nylons and fabricated materials. Corrosive colors require the utilization of a corrosive, for example, vinegar, acidic or sulphuric corrosive to set the shading.

Corrosive colors sound terrifying to certain learners, who envision that the actual colors are burning solid acids. Truth be told, the colors are non-harsh, are as a rule non-poisonous, and are named for the gentle corrosive, (for example, vinegar) utilized in the coloring cycle, and for the sorts of bonds they structure to the fiber. Some of them are essentially more poisonous than fiber receptive colors, while others are even protected enough to eat, and are sold as food shading.