Filler Masterbatches

filler masterbatches

Filler Masterbatches is compounded high quality filler, polymer resin and the other additive agents by twin-screw machine. 

Filler Masterbatches with the good dispersion and environmental protection which can upgrade the surface antifriction, heat stability, toughness, hardness etc. 

It can replace the utilization of plastic material to reduce production cost for the consumers.

It is widely utilized in blow film, blow molding, wire drawing and so on.

We can supply a range of filler masterbatches such as Transparent Filler Masterbatches, Nano Filler Masterbatches and Calcium Carbonate Masterbatches.

Transparent Filler Masterbatches: – This is mainly compounded of inorganic transparent powder, specific polymer resin and other additive agents i.e. a new type of modified filler masterbatches with refraction which is near to polyolefin plastics.

Nano Filler Masterbatches: – This is adopted by the advanced latest technology of latest multiplayer surface modified technique to make nano calcium carbonate disperse evenly in filler compounding.

Calcium Carbonate Masterbatches: – This is made up of high quality and micro sized calcium carbonate which is a kind of filler masterbatches with good filler properties which upgrades the characters of plastic products and reduces the cost of final products to increase the productivity effect and will get good economic benefits.